● 2018 First Place Award | Team Feature with a writer Laurie Maemura, 2018 JACC State On-the-Spot Award (CCSF)  

● 2018 Second Place| Student-Designed Ad | JACC 2018 NorCal Publication Award (CCSF) 

● 2016 Advertising Award | Third Place Award, House Ad - Associated Collegiate Press (The Guardsman/CCSF)  

● 2016 Third Place Award Feature Photo - 2016 JACC NorCal Publication Award (The Guardsman/CCSF) 

● 2016 JACC Editor Recognition Award (Online Editor/ The Guardsman Newspaper)

● 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award | Horwang High School, Bangkok, Thailand

● 2015 First Place Award Feature Photo (2015 Better Newspaper Contest | Campus Excellence in Journalism) CNPA (The Guardsman/CCSF)

● 2015 Instagram Meritorious Award - JACC State Convention (The Guardsman)  

● 2014 Instagram Meritorious Award - JACC NorCal Conference (The Guardsman)  

● President’s List Award | Memphis College of Art

● Scholarship Awards | Memphis College of Art

● M.F.A Computer Arts Core Award | Memphis College of Art

● Graduated with second-class honour | B.F.A in Interior Design | Rangsit University


July 10, 2018 An artwork “The Ingleside Land” created by a local San Francisco artist Ekevara Kitpowsong a.k.a. “The Aperturist” as part of “Arts Alive Ingleside: Art Banners on Ocean Avenue” project in 2016, this year her artwork was selected to be reprinted on 37 banners and displayed along Ocean Avenue in San Francisco’s Ingleside District. The banners were unveiled on July 10, 2018 and they will be up for 24 months. Kitpowsong’s artwork was originally commissioned along with other 73 other original works, which were displayed on lampposts along Ocean Avenue from Manor Drive to Phelan Avenue in 2016. Her original artwork was auctioned off in August 2016. Arts Alive Ingleside was organized by the Ocean Avenue Association, OMI Cultural Participation Project, Independent Arts & Media, and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s Invest in Neighborhoods program. 

May 1, 2016  The Aperturist was selected to be one of 74 featured artists to paint original art work on banners measuring 22.5" by 52" as part of “Arts Alive Ingleside: Art Banners on Ocean Avenue" project. Her original painting "The Ingleside Land" was first exhibited at SOMArts Cultural Center. All of the banners were revealed at a banner unveiling event on May 1, 2016, attended by the artists, the project partners, the community, the media and Supervisor Norman Yee. The original artwork was auctioned off on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, while the banner was displayed on a lamppost on Ocean Avenue. All banners were displayed on lampposts along Ocean Avenue from Manor Drive to Phelan Avenue. The Close-Out Celebration was held on October 14, 2016 at San Francisco City Hall. The event was co-hosted by Supervisor Norman Yee, District 7, and Supervisor John Avalos, District 11 in San Francisco City Hall rooms 260 and 273. 


66. June 9, 2016  "City People" 4th Solo Photo Exhibit, Modern Times Bookstore Collective, San Francisco with spoken word performance by Tongo Eisen-Martin and The Poetician

65. Feb. 27, 2013  Reflection of The Moment 3rd Solo Photo Exhibit presented by Christofle Paris, San Francisco

64. Aug. 29, 2012 Reflection of The Moment 2nd Solo Photo Exhibit, Gallery Obscura, San Francisco

63. Feb. 11, 2012 “Reflection of The Moment” 1st Solo Photography Exhibition presented by Thai Association of Northern California, W Hotel, San Francisco



UPCOMING: ARTSPAN SF Open Studios 2019 | Weekend 3

62. June 27, 2019 Three of my mixed media on canvases from "Graceful" series were exhibited in “Golden: Art Showcase” at Cambria Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibit “Golden : Art Showcase,” was presented by @DiatribeCollective to help fundraising the redesign of classrooms in low-income schools in Oakland, California (Curated by @diatribecollective

61. Feb.15, 2019 Three of my photographs were selected to be displayed in “Nostalgias por Lugares Desconocidos” exhibition at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

The exhibit was curated by Arturo Moh Mendez, it’s a collaboration with Harvard University, and the opening was on Friday, Feb.15, 2019 at 7 p.m. at the Annual Latinx Law Conference, sponsored by ‘La Alianza’ at Harvard Law School and The Mexican Association at Harvard Law. 

The show presented the work of Thalía Gochez, Liza Cueva, Natalie Aleman, Lucía Leal, Ekevara Kitpowsong (a.k.a The Aperturist), Amelia Berumen, and Rasta Dave.

Nostalgias por Lugares Desconocidos/Nostalgias for Unknown Places

Chicanx-Latinx Stories in the Bay Area

Curated by Arturo Moh Mendez

This is a collection of images of the Latino community in the Bay Area celebrating, sharing, and ultimately putting together the pieces of their heritage within the greater context of the United States. Finally, it is crucial to say that the vision of the migrants and their descendents appears in all of these testimonies. Their voice is of definite affirmation. They are not looking for empathy or validation, and in a world that is increasingly affected by racism and xenophobia this helps us understand, among many other things, that the difference of language and cultures are an unending source of creativity.

60. Oct. 27-28, 2018  My photographs from "Courageous" photo series and my pen & ink drawing piece "Woman and her Inner Soul"  were exhibited at Engine 43 Art Studio in Excelsior District, San Francisco during SF Open Studios 2018 | Weekend 3. 

Participating artists: Lynne Hermann, Natalia Lvova, Sue Laurita, Diatribe Collective, a collective of feminine artists based in California's Bay Area: Ashleigh Castro, Fernanda Parker a.k.a. FEEF, and Allison Ekevara Kitpowsong a.k.a. The Aperturist. 

ABOUT SFOS via ArtSpan Each weekend, artists in different neighborhoods of San Francisco welcome the public into their studios and exhibit spaces to share their artwork. You can explore bustling group sites and tiny private workspaces. Whether you are shopping for art or seeking to connect with the creative soul of the city, you are welcome to attend.

59. Oct. 5-Nov. 2, 2018 My photographs from “STREETripster” series were displayed in the “View of the Streets” photo exhibit at 25th St. Taproom Bar and Restaurant in Oakland, California. Curated by Clare Coppel & Gordon Szeto of Glass Key Photo. (Exhibibition dates: Oct. 5-Nov. 2, 2018) Opening reception: Oct. 5th. (6-9 p.m.) Closing reception:  Friday, Nov. 2nd (6-9pm) 

58. July 14 - Aug. 24, 2018 My photographs were selected to be part of 5th Annual Latino Life Photo Exhibit. Latino Life: A Photojournalistic Experience. Created and curated by El Tecolote’s photo editor Mabel Jimenez, Latino Life showcases the diversity of the Latino experience through the lens of El Tecolote’s volunteer photographers. The theme for this year is “A Look Back,” which will not only showcase the best works produced by photographers since 2017, but will also include some of the best work from previous years. Acción Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes Gallery at 2958 24th Street, San Francisco.

57. April 14, 2018 My photographs from "Courageous" photo series were exhibited during the "EMPRESS" Art Show presented by Diatribe Collective at Showcase 15, Oakland, California

56. March 3, 2018 My photographs from "Courageous" photo series were exhibited the Trap X Art the magazine Vol. 5 release party to celebrate Women's History Month. The event is a collaborative effort with Imprint City and Laughing Monk Brewing, San Francisco.

55. Dec. 31, 2017  Eight photographs from the Reflection of The Moment” photo series were exhibited during the NEW BOHEMIA NYE 2018 presented by Opel Productions and Vau de Vire Society, The San Francisco Mint, San Francisco

54. Dec. 3, 2017  Photographs from my photo series Reflection of The Moment” were exhibited during The Mission Art Benefit for Disaster Relief presented by Amanda Nelson, Polish Club, San Francisco

53. Nov. 17, 2017  Eight photographs from the Reflection of The Moment” series were exhibited during The Third Friday Art Benefit & (Fire) & Goats! Warehouse Extravaganza presented by The EAST CUT Community Benefit District in collaboration with Adam Swig Events, 302 Folsom Street, San Francisco

52. Aug. 10, 2017 Three images from the Reflection of The Moment” series were exhibited during Night Magic 2.0 presented by IDEATE, San Francisco

51. May 27, 2017 Photographs from the Reflection of The Momentphoto series were exhibited during the La Maison Inaugural Event at La Maison Oakland 

50. April 14, 2017 #STREETripster” photo exhibition at TRAP X ART Magazine Release Party Vol. 3, SLIDE, San Francisco, presented by TRAP X ART. (The interview of The Aperturist was featured in TRAP X ART The Magazine Volume 3) The Aperturist was selected to be TRAP X ART featured artist for the seventh time to exhibit her photographs during an event. 

49. Feb. 24 - April 14, 2017  “Street Life: SF by Day, SF by Night" at Front Page Gallery, San Francisco (Street Life: SF by Day, SF by Night is a juried photo exhibit that captures the story, breaking news, general news and everyday life of San Francisco people. The exhibition was judged by 4 jurors: Professors Jessica Lifland, Bob McAteer, Lou Dematteis and Robert M. Nishihira. It was showcasing juried work by CCSF journalism and photography students) 

48. Jan. 14 - Feb. 24, 2017 "The 4th Annual Latino Life Photography Exhibition" (Opening reception: Jan. 14, 2017) Presented by Acción Latina and El Tecolote newspaper at Juan R. Fuentes Gallery, San Francisco

47. Dec. 1, 2016 - Jan. 31, 2017  “Behind the Headlines: Mission Live" at Front Page Gallery, San Francisco

46. Aug. 11 - Sept. 14. 2016 "BOTANICALS" by 81Bees Photo Collective at Keeble and Shuchat Photography Camera Store, Palo Alto

45. May 5 - June 5, 2016 “TRIBUTE, In Loving Memory of Grahame Perry Photographs by 81 Bees at Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco

44. May 1, 2016 “Arts Alive Ingleside: Art Banners on Ocean Avenue" The Aperturist was selected to be one of 74 featured artists to paint original art work on banners. Her painting "The Ingleside Land" was first exhibited at SOMArts Cultural Center and then it was displayed on a lamppost on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco. The closing reception was held at San Francisco City Hall. 

43. March 10 - May 18, 2016 “A Window to the World” An Exhibit of Photographs by Guardsman Photographers Published in Local Newspapers During Their Internship at Front Page Gallery, San Francisco

42. Feb. 19, 2016 The Aperturist was selected to be TRAP X ART featured artist for the sixth time to exhibit her photo series during the event, SLIDE, San Francisco

41. Nov. 27, 2015 The Aperturist was selected to be TRAP X ART featured artist for the fifth time to exhibit her photo series "#STREETripster" at 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco

40. Nov. 12, 2015 One of my photograph was selected to be part of the 80th Anniversary of The Guardsman Newspaper Exhibition at Rosenberg Library, City College of San Francisco

39. Oct. 25, 2015  "Reflection of The Moment" Photo Exhibition at the A SMILING MOMENT "Bay Area" with Nop Ponchamni presented by Treasure Thailand San Francisco (TTSF) at Donworth Hall Event Center, San Francisco

38. Sep. 23-Oct. 24, 2015 Two of my photographs were selected to be part of 81 Bees's photo exhibit "FAMILY" CURATED BY ANN JASTRAB at Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco

37. June 26, 2015 The Aperturist was selected to be TRAP X ART featured artist for the fourth time to exhibit her photo series "Reflection of The Moment" during Culture X Trap at Slide in San Francisco

36. April 20 - May 13, 2015  “Life on the Hill: City College and All Its Glory” PHOTO EXHIBITION BY THE GUARDSMAN PHOTOGRAPHERS Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of The Guardsman Newspaper at Front Page Gallery, San Francisco

35. April 17, 2015 The Aperturist was selected to be TRAP X ART featured artist for the third time to exhibit her photo series "Reflection of The Moment" at 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco

34.  March 14- April 10, 2015 “Coastal” Photography by 81Bees PhotoCollective, presented by HARVEY MILK PHOTO CENTER. Exhibit Curator: David J.Christensen, Director of HarveyMilk Photo Center, The McLarenLodge, San Francisco

33.  Feb. 20, 2015 The Aperturist was selected to be TRAP X ART featured artist for the second time to exhibit her photographs "Dream Travelers" at 111 Minna Gallery, SanFrancisco

32.  Dec. 31, 2014 The Aperturist was selected tobe TRAPX ART featured artist and her photographic series "Reflection of The Moment" was exhibited during the show, 111 Minna Gallery, SanFrancisco

31.  Aug. 3, 2014 "Art Show" presented by Diatribe Collective, The Honey Hive Gallery, San Francisco

30.  Aug. 29, 2014 “She’s Cold Lampin ArtShow”and Til Death Do UsPart” :Lady Warrior Zine Release(Fifth Edition – LOVE) presented by Artists Lounge and SoleSpace, Oakland

29. Aug. 15, 2014 “Mission& Vision” presented by Shane Menez at Mama Art Café’ Gallery,San Francisco

28. May. 14, 2014 “Artist Show” presented by 4x5 Gallery, San Francisco

27. Jan. 23, 2014 “New Visions” presented by 81Bees PhotoCollective, Rayko Photo Center,San Francisco

26. Jan. 11, 2014 “Rise of The Phoenix” presented by Diatribe Collective, 50 Mason Social House, SanFrancisco

25. Aug 10, 2013 “STRAY” presented by Diatribe Collective, 50 Mason Social House, SanFrancisco

24. Aug. 3,2013 “Food” presented by 81Bees PhotoCollective, Photobooth, San Francisco

23. July 10, 2013 “Nature” presented by 81Bees PhotoCollective, Calumet Photographic Gallery, San Francisco

22. June 21,2013 “JAMAISVU” presented by Diatribe Collective, 50 Mason Social House, SanFrancisco

21. Jan. 18, 2013 My photo series "Dream Traveler" was exhibited during the “Peripatetic Muse” show presented by Diatribe Collective at the 50 Mason Social House in SanFrancisco with special guests Sirius B, Pam The Funkstress, Frankie Boots and the County Line.

20. Feb. 21, 2013 “Night” presented by 81Bees PhotoCollective, Calumet Photographic Gallery, San Francisco

19. Jan. 11, 2013 “Cliché” presented by 81Bees PhotoCollective, 4x5 Gallery, San Francisco

18.  Dec. 4, 2012 “Sæn Frənˈsɪskoʊ EXCURSIONS:Part III”presented by The SFExc:Collective and The Revolution Café, San Francisco

17.  Nov. 14, 2012 “Underwater” presented by 81Bees Photo Collective, Dickerman Prints,San Francisco

16.  Aug. 25, 2012 “POP UP ART SHOW” presentedby Inks of Truth, California Street & Walnut Street, San Francisco

15.  Feb. 21, 2013 “Night” presented by 81Bees PhotoCollective, Calumet Photographic Gallery, San Francisco

14.  Nov. 3, 2012 “Underwater” presented by 81Bees Photo Collective, Photobooth, San Francisco

13.  Sept. 14, 2012 “Pinhole and Plastic Camera Show” presented by 81Bees Photo Collective, Harvey Milk Photo Center, SanFrancisco

12.  June 11, 2012 “Sæn Frənˈsɪskoʊ EXCURSIONS:” presented by ZERODEPTH™, Amsterdam Café, SanFrancisco

11. June 1, 2012 “Nostalgia” presented by Diatribe, Café Royale,San Francisco

10.  May 18, 2012 "Reflection of The Moment" exhibited during VISUAL ART SHOWCASE 2012 in the office of San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim at San Francisco City Hall. My photographs were displayed from May 18, 2012-December 29, 2015. 

9.    April 11, 2012 "Traveling Bees" presented by 81 Bees PhotoCollective, Lakeside Cafe'Gallery, San Francisco

8.    March 17, 2012 Photography 37A “Made You Look” Photo Exhibition,presented by Inks of Truth, GlassKey Photo/Rooky Ricardo's Records, San Francisco

7.   Feb. 16- March 23, 2012 “Plastic Camera Portraits Show” presentedby 81Bees Collective, Photobooth,San Francisco

6.    June 21, 2012  "Balls" presentedby 81Bees PhotoCollective, Calumet PhotographicGallery, San Francisco

5.    Oct. 27, 2011 “Through These Eyes” A Juried Photo Exhibition andBenefit Auction for REAF, TheMcLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco

4.    Oct. 14, 2011 My photographs from "Reflection of the Moment" and my pen & ink drawing piece were exhibited in “Ourmerica” Art Exhibition | 2 BLOCKS OF ART | presented by Inks of Truth & Urban Solutions, House Kombucha, San Francisco

3.    Sept. 10, 2011 my photographs from "Her Inner Soul" photo series and my pen & ink drawing piece "Woman and her Inner Soul"  were exhibited during the “XX Prototype” art show presented by Diatribe, Mutiny Radio in San Francisco. 

2.    July 13, 2011 “Numbers” Photo Exhibition presented by 81beesCollective, Lakeside Cafe' Gallery,San Francisco

1.    April23, 2011 “Native Taste” Photo Exhibition presented by Inks ofTruth, House Kombucha, San Francisco


On my first visit to Republic of Moldova in January 2014, I was honored to be invited to attend the Foto la Uscat meeting and present my photograph series "Reflection of The Moment" to the President of the Union of Photo Artists from the Republic of Moldova Anatol Poiata and many other talented Moldovan photographers at Biblioteca Hasdeuo in Chisinau the capital city of Moldova.


It was such an honor to be invited to be one of five juries to judge 'ARCUL DE TRIUMF' Photo Contest hosted by the Union of Photographers of Republic of Moldova (UAFM). As I was the only juror from U.S.A, it was a wonderful experience for me to get the chance to view 230 beautiful photographs submitted from Republic of Moldova artists. Thank you UAFM for this opportunity. 

'ARCUL DE TRIUMF' Photo Contest Jury Panel:
Anatolie Poiata - preşedinte al Uniunii Artiştilor Fotografi din Republica Moldova, AFIAP
Aurelia Carpov – doctor in arhitectura, şefa Catedrei de Arhitectura, Facultatea Arhitectura şi Urbanistica, Universitatea Tehnică din Moldova
Allison Ekevara Kitpowsong - Master of Fine Arts, U.S.A 
Marina Batyukova – membru Uniunii Artistilor Fotografi din Bielorusia 
Nikolai Ivashchenko - membru Uniunii Artistilor Fotografi din Ucraina


I am so thrilled to be one of the guest panelists in the first FAZE lecture series "Photography is my job!" on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017 at FAZE Apparel Flagship in the Mission District, San Francisco. Thanks so much FAZE for this wonderful opportunity.

Guest panelists: Chris Nechodom, Shadi Rahimi, and Allison "Ekey" Kitpowsong will discuss their contributions to the photography world and engage with attendees in a true intimate setting. 

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