The Guardsman Newspaper: Artwork by City College student placed along Ocean Avenue

San Francisco Examiner: ‘Latino Life’ photo show ‘gives strength in current climate’

Nov. 2013 Pakistan's Online Magazine | Infinitron's Exclusive Interview of The Aperturist , Thai American Street Documentary Photographer, living & working in San Francisco. INFINITRON MAGAZINE NOVEMBER '13 ISSUE

Oct. 2014 The Ingleside Light Newspaper: October' 14 Issue featured my interview by Truc Nguyen in the story of "Mission and Vision" Exhibit at Mama' Art Cafe Says Farewell with Feeling, Intimacy.

Sept. 2012 Exclusive interview with The Aperturist by Los Angeles based magazine Believe In Magazine. The article was published in Believe In Magazine Issue 9 


Aug. 26, 2015 "The Aperturist" LIVE Interview by Jennifer Glee on Planet Glee T.V. Show in San Francisco | Aired in U.S.A: Channel 29, 76

2014 New Mission & Vision Video Interview by San Francisco Videographer Wayne Bonilla. Online released date Aug. 30, 2014.

2014 I was so honored to be interviewed by National Television, Moldova TV Canal3 about my photograph series "Reflection of The Moment" during Foto la Uscat Meeting | Aired in Republic of Moldova on the night of Jan 26, 2014

2012  T.V. Show "Get กึ๋น The World Ideas" exclusive interview with Allison Ekevara Kitpowsong | Aired in Thailand on July 2012


2015 Etc. Magazine Spring 2015 Issue featured photographs I took of legendary DJ Diamond Dave of Common Thread Collective at Mutiny Radio, Jim Wong, Dennis Mullen and Susan Boeckmann in LIVING TO LEARN, LEARNING TO LIVE story by Cindie Meyer 

2015 My photographs from photo story "For some, 40 hours a week is not enough to pay city’s soaring housing costs" were selected by David Talbot, founder and former editor of SALON ( to be featured in "San Francisco, Lost & Found" Book.  The book Launch Event was held at Cafe Zoetrope in San Francisco on Monday, Sept. 14, 2015.

2015 Two of my photographs were published in the FORUM Magazine Spring 2015 Issue

2011 Etc. Magazine featured photographs in “SLAVING AWAY at” by Brian Rinker


2011 San Francisco Bay Guardian online featured photographs in “An unresponsive landlord could mean the end of Sixth Street's DA Arts” by Caitlin Donohue| | August 15, 2011


2012 featured my photographs from “Plastic Camera Portraits Show” Event presented by 81 Bees Collective, Photobooth, San Francisco
2011 Bay Times Newspaper featured photograph from “Through These Eyes” A Juried Exhibition and Benefit Auction for REAF | Arts&Entertainment | November 17-30, 2011 pp. 11-13

2011 Radio Interview “Diatribe” on Heterotopia with DJ Asik & Shinobi 009

2011 Radio Interview “Diatribe” on The Waiting Room with QuickCheckGrl

2011 Radio Interview “Diatribe” on Headnodic with DJ Ashley Ashtray

2011 Radio Interview “Diatribe” on Bridges and Tunnels with DJ B-Roll 

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